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3 Fitness Challenges For Your Team

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Training as a team is harder than ever before, with the pandemic restrictions and online classes meaning many students haven’t returned to campus getting everyone in one place to exercise is difficult… but that doesn’t mean your favorite social sport has to be left to die, instead take on these fitness challenges and motivate the team to get moving whilst always injecting a little bit of friendly competition.

Step challenges

The easiest challenges you can set are ones using a step counter! Most people wear a smartwatch that counts their steps or has a smartphone with the ability to count steps. You can set challenges on apps such as Fitbit or simply create a league table of your own and ask people to send in their steps manually.

Distance challenges

Whether your team rows, cycles or skies you can create a distance-based challenge and see just how far your team can get. Cheerleading teams around the world have been participating in a ‘Walk to Worlds’ challenge where members are walking every day to walk the total miles from their training gym to the worlds cheer competition.

If you want to set up a challenge like this, we recommend using the app Challenge Hound! ‘With Challenge Hound, you can create distance challenges, elevation challenges, duration challenges (log a specified amount of time), activity count challenges (log a specified number of activities), and ranking challenges (log as much as possible to climb the ranks).’

Extreme calory challenges

Everyone has seen the eating 10,000 calories challenges on social media so why not have your own team calory competition! Divide into two teams, calory eaters and calory burners. Those on the eating team have to consume as many challenges as they can within a set timeframe whilst those on the opposite team have to try and burn as many calories. Use a smartwatch or fitness app to track exercise and calory intake for the duration of the challenge.

You can even set a fun forfeit for the winning team or try the challenge again but reversing the role each team member plays.

We hope these fitness challenges have inspired you (and your team) to get moving! If you tackle one of these challenges let us know on social media so we can follow your progress – we’ll be sure to give your team a shoutout!

Until next time,
Charlotte (Team SPORFORYA)!

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