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3 Ways to Incorporate Yoga in your Daily Routine


Yoga surely has countless benefits for overall well-being and health. It helps improve strength, balance, and flexibility. It helps manage stress, and ease pain all over the body. It is also great for managing stress, achieving better sleep patterns, and promoting self-care. 

However, many people still feel intimidated by the practice. Because to maximize its advantages, the yoga practice needs to be consistent and intentional. This may not be easy to do for anyone with a busy schedule and a million things to attend to. Here are 3 ways to easily incorporate yoga into your daily routine: 

1- Short sequences are great!

You don’t need to worry about having to do long, complicated sequences yet, that will come naturally as yoga becomes a more familiar practice for you. 

You can start by setting your intentions as you wake up, doing sun salutations, or simply doing a full-body stretch. This is very helpful to condition your mind and body for all your upcoming tasks. If your mornings are much busier, you can practice yoga before you sleep to wind down after a long day. Setting aside 10-15 minutes of your free time to do basic yoga poses will go a long way in getting used to the practice.

2- Practice mindful breathing and meditation

Yes, yoga in a day can be achieved by doing mindful breathing. Pranayama refers to yoga breathing exercises that you can do. These are simple practices to help you control your breath. The best part about it is that you can do it anywhere. You can also get into the practice of meditation, which is very beneficial for your mind to find a quiet time, concentrate better, and calm down. 

When you’re stuck in traffic or when you need a 5-minute break from working at your desk, these controlled breathing and meditation practices are the easiest way to do yoga even when you’re busy.

3-Take online yoga classes

Unsure how to do the practice by yourself? Take advantage of the quarantine to take classes online. These classes are usually done through a video conference with a yoga instructor. Through this, you meet people in the yoga community as well. 

Aside from that, there is a wide range of videos available on the internet for guided yoga practices that you can follow as you discover your flow. They can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as an hour. As you get more used to the practice, you can curate your flow by repeating poses you remember that feel good and natural for your body. 

Practicing yoga does not need to be complicated to be beneficial and enjoyable. You can start by allotting a few minutes of your time to get into the habit. Remember, it is always about what works for you and your body. The main goal of doing yoga is to improve your quality of life so it best to enjoy it without pressure. 

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