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4 Amazing Places To Run In San Diego

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So now that you have made up your mind to start running, the next step is to find some amazing trails/places to run. There are plenty of nice jogging/running places in San Diego, you could try each place and pick the one you like the most. 

So, without further ado, here are our top four picks. 

BalBoa Park: The park has plenty of museums, restaurants, performance venues, and not to forget the eye-catching San Diego Zoo to give the runners a treat to their eyes. So keeping aside these attractions, the park, spread over 1,200 acre, features 65miles both on and off trails. Perfect for a leisure stroll or a professional run.  There are 19 different trails and it is fair to say that every trail is different with respect to length, difficulty, elevation gain and the views it has to offer. The top 4 trails are:

  1. Florida Canyon Trail- 2.2miles, Elevation gain of 210 feet
  2. Balboa Park Trail- 4.4miles, Elevation gain of 344 feet
  3. Morley Trail- 1.8miles, Elevation gain of 242 feet
  4. Balboa Park Gardens Loop – 1.4miles, Elevation gain of 46 feet

Embarcadero: If you want to experience the iconic San Diego, then Embarcadero is the place to be. Start your run from the San Diego Comic-Con and make your way upto the Seaport Village and make your way back to the start. However, be prepared to beat through a wave of visitors/cyclists/runners along the way. The trail is 5 miles long and is flat. To take the run a notch up, run up the stairs to the convention centre at the end. Mind you, there are 100 stairs!

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Lake Miramar Trail: This is a perfect place for all sorts of runners. It features a 5-mile trail outlining the lake with an elevation gain of 98 feet, which makes it an incredibly relaxing track. It is also very easy to keep track of distance as there is a marker every quarter. And every Wednesday and Thursdays, the area is car-free. The trail gets busy on weekends with runners, bikers and walkers. The trail is accessible all year-round.

Iron Mountain: Escape to the hills of Iron Mountain to get some fresh air and an incredible view. Stick to the main path or hike into the less-travelled routes to escape the city. The 6-mile trail can get hot in the summers so it would be better to go during the winters, falls or spring. It is both well marked and maintained but remember to watch your feet as you climb the mountains and once on the top, enjoy the views as you are 30 miles away from the city.

The team here at SPORFORYA is always keen to hear from you and invites all readers to comment, like and share. So, now that you know about a few places to go to, why not start running and let us know in the comments section which trail you prefer and why.

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