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5 sports you can play to challenge your physical fitness

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Are you a sports fanatic living in Los Angeles? You might be wondering what sports you can try to challenge and push your fitness levels. We’ve found 5 great sports providers located around northern California to enable you to try something new and get your sweat. 

Stamina and endurance are two areas of fitness that many of us try to build on a regular basis. These key areas needed across many sports and push us to the limits when participating in an exercise that uses both. Spin classes are an excellent way to test both these areas of your fitness ability whilst challenging yourself to something new. ‘We climb, we jog, we sprint, we dance, we set our intention, and we break through boundaries. The best part: We do it together, as a community. Be ready to sweat! You will burn fat as you complete a full-body workout! ‘ Spin 360 Core Fitness are ready to challenge you so if you are looking for something new to raise your heart rate so get involved with one of their classes today if you want to push yourself to new fitness levels. 

When we think of intense fitness Golf probably doesn’t come to mind but even top athletes express their surprise in the fitness level required to be a pro golfer. British Formula 1 driver Lando Norris has recently been trying his hand at golf and has reported back on social media that his abs ached after just playing casually with some friends! If like Lando you aren’t used to playing golf but want to give it a try you too might find yourself surprised at the variety of different muscles the sport can work. Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) enable you to get a membership either to an existing club or they give you the option to form your own. Play today and get your abs working!

Another sport that required fitness level might surprise you is cheerleading! Often associated with smiley girls this sport is not to be downplayed, lower/upper body strength and stamina are just some of the skills required to be a give cheerleader. Don’t believe us? Give it a try for yourself 1st Impression will soon be having tryouts for their youth and adult teams, look out for more information on their Instagram and see if cheerleading is something for you. 

Ever tried Martial Arts? We recommend giving it a try, you’ll need discipline, balance, strength and more in order to succeed in this sport. MUSA Martial Arts offer a variety of classes for different ages and abilities so you can give it a go no matter what age you are. Take a look at their class schedules to find out when you could give it a go – new students even get a free trial session. 

Football is a popular sport across America and for good reason! This provides a great opportunity to build fitness skills all whilst in a team setting. One  LA team we recommend looking into if you are interested in trying football is the LA Cougars GFC, they have over 70 members from diverse backgrounds and varying abilities meaning you’ll be able to find a team that suits you. Becoming a member has many benefits including 2 training sessions a week during season time and opportunity to play in competitive games with local and national rivals. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 sports and are inspired to give something new a try! If you liked this edition of Play Local don’t forget to rate us down below. We want to know which sports providers or facilities you want to hear about next – leave your suggestions in the comments below. 

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Charlotte (Team Sporforya)

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