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A Guide to Finding Basketball Teammates Even if You are in a Foreign Country


You are traveling somewhere for a business trip. The meeting ended earlier than usual and so you have free hours for yourself. It was a foreign country, and you have no friends, no relatives nor acquaintances there. You decided to just spend your time on the television. You shifted from one channel to another, and there you found a basketball game. After minutes of watching, you realized that you have been doing hand motions, mimicking that of a basketball player—shooting balls on an imaginary ring. Oh, how you loved to play basketball at that very moment.

To distract yourself, you opened your laptop and before you know it, your fingers searched for the letters B-A-S-K-E-T-B-A-L-L. You scrolled through the search results and find a wide array of articles about it. Clicked through one and it talked about the health benefits of basketball. Improves balance and coordination, is good for the heart, fosters socialization skills, strengthens stamina and muscular endurance, and is a good way to maintain a fit body—these are just among the benefits enumerated. You continued scrolling and stumbled upon a quote by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar which says “One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.”

Yeah, a team. That’s what you needed. You wanted to play at that moment but you needed a team.

You peeked through the window but no basketball courts nor rings to be found, and no teammates to play with. Then it dawned on you…you are not in your hometown. You don’t know the place and you don’t know the people there. How could you possibly know where the basketball courts are? Well, you would probably know if you ask around and explore the area, or search on google, but it could take up hours to do so. Too much hassle, you said to yourself. There is no way you could play basketball in that moment and in that place. So, you just sighed, and to satisfy your desire for basketball, you just settled on finishing the game on TV.

Did it sound familiar? Have you been in that situation where you wanted to play a game so bad but there is no means to do so? That you just resigned to the realization that “there is no way you could play that game in that moment and in that place?” But what if I tell you there is? What if I tell you there is a way you could play the game that you wanted whenever and wherever you are?

What if I tell you that there is a marketplace where you can easily find and compare sports activities, with verified views and ratings? That there is a way to connect with sports providers, local businesses, or local skill sharers in a community where you’re at. That there is actually a way that you can play basketball; and that you could actually find teammates to play with.

All this is possible with Sporforya. With its feature, the Passport, you don’t need to mimic those basketball moves on an imaginary ring with an imaginary ball with imaginary teammates and opponents. With the passport, even if you are in a foreign country, you could still find facilities, events and even skill sharers that you needed. With Passport, you can be a crucial ingredient on a team, and you can find your own team, whenever and wherever you are!

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