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Starting a new sport as an adult can be intimidating but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is a great way to develop your character and at the same time you’ll be building new skills which will make you a healthier, happier person. We’ve compiled 5 providers and facilities that have great adult beginners classes to help you feel confident and get active.

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Soccer is a globally loved sport, Le Five recognises the enjoyment that all people can get from playing and therefore offer ‘pick up games’ to enable anyone to get involved. There are different sessions every day so you can pick one that suits you plus you can get involved for just $10 per session! Take a look at the different sessions available to anyone today!

Fancy yourself as the next Serena Williams? Try your hand at (or should we say backhand…) at tennis with a provider who caters to adults by offering adult classes for all abilities meaning you can get involved no matter what. Arcadia Tennis is located at 405 So. Santa Anita Ave., Arcadia, CA – if you are local to these facilities we definitely recommend checking out there group classes which are great for adults

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Being an adult who can’t swim is becoming more and more common, however the ability to swim opens you up to all kinds of opportunities no matter your ages – plus it could keep you safe next time you visit the beach. Maki Swim is a great place to learn to swim as an adult because of their specially catered adult classes, there are only 3 students per teacher in group sessions with enable you to get the most out of the class and learn in the most effective way possible. There are mixed classes as well as a women’s only class which enables females to be taught by female instructors and feel confident whilst learning. 

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The gym can feel intimidating but once you’ve given it a go and work it into your schedule we’re sure you’ll enjoy the post-workout high that comes from working out. We think Crunch Fitness in Chatsworth is a great gym to join if you’re a beginner because they have a #NoJudgement stance which will help you feel more comfortable with going. Plus their base membership is super affordable at just $14.95 a month. 


Finally we thought we’d mix it up with something a little more unique that you might have never considered… Aerial Dance. This is a sport the requires strong upper body strength, legs and stamina. There classes at Up Swing Aerial Dance operating now for adult beginners under new Covid-19 restrictions so you can get involved today. 

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