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Anxious about an upcoming game? Try these ABCs

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Joining a tournament with a relaxed and focused state gives you an advantage over your opponents. While you surely need to stretch and warm-up a day before the game, it is not a good idea to exert too much effort on strenuous activities as this may strain your muscles. That is why, prior to a game, you must find activities that will help you unwind, while keeping your mind sharp and alert..

Here are some activities, also called ABCs, that you may try with your friends or teammates prior to a tournament. ABC stands for: A nature walk, Board Games and Creating art.

A nature walk

Just walking a few minutes outside and breathing in fresh air may help improve your mental alertness and your energy level. It can also help reduce stress and relieve fatigue, therefore, lifting your spirits. Stopping to enjoy the sunset or sunrise with your friends will surely elevate your mood. This will help set the right atmosphere for your upcoming tournament. If you tend to be anxious days or weeks prior to your game,  this is a good activity to calm your nerves.

Board Games

Focus and concentration is essential to any sports game. It is not just about strength, agility, and stamina. Though these are vital, you must still be able to make quick decisions and come up with strategies to beat your opponent. Hence, prior to your tournament, you must engage in activities that will challenge your cognition without giving strain to your body. Playing board games is one activity you can do to train your mind for problem solving and strategic thinking without giving you muscle aches. In fact, board games elicit laughter, and laughter is scientifically proven an effective stress reducer. Through board games, your patience, focus, and techniques are put to test. It will also strengthen sportsmanship and camaraderie between you and your peers.

Some board games you can try are Monopoly, Chess, and The Resistance: Avalon. These will surely test your skill in coming up with strategic decisions.

Creating art

The thought of an upcoming game can be nerve-racking. Some would even suffer from lack of sleep and appetite caused by excitement, adrenaline rush, or even stress. Hence, it is best to channel your attention to more positive ways to stop yourself from constantly thinking and fretting over the upcoming event. Creating art may it be a musical piece, an artwork, or poetry are effective ways to divert your thoughts. The sense of achievement from having created something can also add to your confidence for the much-awaited game.

Just make sure to engage in art that you are passionate about. Don’t force yourself to do something you do not like, or else you’ll end up more stressed than you initially were.

These ABCs are some of the ways you may try in order  to emotionally and mentally prepare for your game. Doing these activities does not mean that you should forego your physical preparations and training. You should still practice weeks, months or even years before you compete.

If you want to meet people who are also interested in playing board games or creating art or even enjoying nature’s sceneries, feel free to check With Sporforya’s Sporty Club, you will also be updated with other fun activities and social events to do and join in before and after your tournament. Check out this video to learn more.

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