The Three Easy Steps to Recharge After a Tournament

After a tournament, when all the excitement and adrenaline from the game has faded, your body will demand its much-needed rest and relaxation. Sore muscles and body pains are just your body’s way of sending signals for you to take a break from those strenuous activities. It is time to pamper yourself for a job … Read more

Why gymnastics?

Do you get that feeling that after sitting for a long time at work, when you stretch your back, you get that tiny “crack” sound? Or that urge to stretch like a cat after sitting so long binge-watching your favorite series? If you are the kind of person who prioritizes stretching over cardio workouts, gymnastics … Read more

Bike Your Way to a Better Health

Stressed? Not in a good mood? Feeling like you might have a cabin fever? Or feeling suffocated from being confined in the four corners of your work station? What you probably need is to take a few minutes to go out and sweat all those stresses out. One of the ways to do so is … Read more

Who is SFY for? – Facilities

sport club

SPORFORYA is for all sports lovers and is designed by people who are passionate about sportsas well. It is a marketplace for sports providers and opportunity seekers to find, compare, andbook thousands of sports activities with verified reviews and ratings. We believe in the power oflocal businesses, so we’ve made it easier than ever to … Read more

How to relieve sore muscles

Aching muscles are one of the only downsides of putting your body through an intensive workout. Whether you’re a pro athlete,  trying a new sport or just getting started with an active lifestyle, we all suffer from sore muscles at some point in our lives and knowing how best to soothe them will be beneficial … Read more

Who is a Skill Sharer?

There is a new kid on the block and we might as well get to know who it is. You might be wondering who is a skill sharer and what it would take to be one. In this article, we tackle the characteristics of a skill sharer and how you may be the next one: … Read more


When in distress, we often result to violence which is driven by hatred and anger. Regardless how we look at it, violence does more harm than good as it will lead to unfortunate events, even to innocent bystanders.  Jiu Jitsu, which roughly translates to ‘gentle action’, is an unarmed close combat martial art from Japan. … Read more

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