How to relieve sore muscles

Aching muscles are one of the only downsides of putting your body through an intensive workout. Whether you’re a pro athlete,  trying a new sport or just getting started with an active lifestyle, we all suffer from sore muscles at some point in our lives and knowing how best to soothe them will be beneficial … Read more

Why Pass-Sport is the Next Big Thing…

With all the busyness, things-to-do, deadlines to beat and errands to run, sometimes we forget the fact that there is an athlete inside us.  Yes, you read it right! There is an athlete inside us. That athlete may have been there ever since grade school days, but was just ignored and shoved back inside because … Read more

What makes Sporforya great? – More People, take a look

What makes SPORFORYA great is YOU.   Without you, our sports providers and sports users, our marketplace does not promote local sport and bring people together through sport.  You are the key ingredient that makes our services valuable to our local sports communities. This is why team SPORFORYA  has made your journey as simple and … Read more

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Mental wellbeing can be difficult to manage and when you’ve got work, kids, housework, cooking and a social life to manage it can be difficult to keep your zen under control. However, finding time to exercise will bring your mind and body countless results. In order to inspire you to get moving, we wanted to … Read more

Preparing your mind to get back to sports

Ready to get back into sports? Us too! But the return to sports after the difficult year we’ve all been faced with might be more challenging than we expect. From physical issues such as being able to manage less weight in the gym than previously to the mental challenges too. If you want to return … Read more

Home workout equipment you need

Have Covid-19 restrictions left you with no choice but to workout from home? We feel your frustration… But thankfully social media and online shopping mean that a good workout is never too difficult to achieve. Although, if you’re new to home workouts and not wanting to invest a lot in exercise equipment these are the … Read more

Why putting down your phone is good for your wellbeing

putting down your phone is good for your wellbeing

This year, more than ever before we’ve spent more time on our smartphones, in fact social media use was up 32% on previous years. Whilst social media can be a great distraction and a way to pass time it can also be damaging to your mental health. Excessive use of social media  can fuel feelings … Read more

Vegan Friendly Meal Ideas

There is no denying that eating less meat is great for the planet and choosing to go vegan is a good option for those wanting to do better for animals and the environment. However, the transition from being a meat eater to veganism can be a difficult transition. We’ve put together 6 great recipe ideas … Read more

Wellbeing activities to keep your mental health strong

Mental Health Benefits

It’s been a tough year for everyone and whilst we aren’t all in the same boat we are facing the same storm. There have been many changes in plans, missed time with loved ones and unprecedented uncertainty. It’s safe to say we all need to take care of our mental health just a little bit … Read more

Should you use a personal trainer?

Personal Trainer

Whether you’ve been working out for a year or have just made regular fitness sessions a part of your routine you may be considering using a personal trainer. Whilst the investment might seem like a lot of money to have a “workout buddy” having a PT provides so much more than just company during your … Read more

How to make 2021 your healthiest year

2021 _ best year

Finally 2020 is behind us, and whilst there is no guarantee that 2021 will be any better – it’s unlikely to get worse! But we’re optimistic that you can make this year your healthiest one yet, after all taking care of your health and body has never been more important. Whether you already feel at … Read more

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