Play Local 5 Edition 12 – Accepting the new normal

Hello everyone and welcome to a new edition of Play Local 5, which was previously known as SPORFORYA5. This is a result of some rebranding that we went through. If some of us are new, then let me introduce our project. Play Local features a round-up of 5 sports providers and facilities around Southern California … Read more

Adult Beginner Sports – PLAY LOCAL 5

Starting a new sport as an adult can be intimidating but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is a great way to develop your character and at the same time you’ll be building new skills which will make you a healthier, happier person. We’ve compiled 5 providers and facilities that have great adult beginners … Read more

Week 10 – Play Local 5

Hello you all and welcome to yet another edition of SPORFORYA5! 2020 came with a whole new wave of challenges that no one anticipated in the past years. We were forced to get rid of habits that we never knew could have negative effects. Now, after eight months in this absolute roller coaster of a … Read more

Week 8 – Unconventional Sports!- Play Local 5

Even though sports are an excellent way to keep oneself active, a lot of people shy away from it because of their lack of interest and the constant pressure of joining in the run of the mill games. However, we completely understand your stance, and that is why this week we are dedicating our post … Read more

Sports for Kids – Play Local 5

There are so many benefits to encouraging your child to live a healthy lifestyle. This mental and physical wellness can be instilled from a young age, there are so many great sports providers and facilities that cater to this young market – we thought we’d share a handful from Southern California to inspire you to … Read more

Social Sports – Play Local 5

Play Anywhere

Welcome back to the 5th edition of SPORFORYA 5 we are dedicating this weeks posts to friendship! As lockdown restrictions are eased many of us are finally able to spend time with our friends and are ready to get back into our fitness routines. We figured what better way to spend the summer days but … Read more

Week 4 – SPORFORYA 5

Hi guys, and welcome back to the fourth edition of SPORFORYA5. Before we begin, I would quickly like to highlight what our project is about for all the new readers joining us this week. The project Sporforya5 aims to highlight sports providers, including facilitates, events, and centers in Southern California. This campaign covers all of … Read more

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