Who is a Skill Sharer?

There is a new kid on the block and we might as well get to know who it is. You might be wondering who is a skill sharer and what it would take to be one. In this article, we tackle the characteristics of a skill sharer and how you may be the next one: … Read more

How to Stick to Your Fitness Training

While some might say that starting your fitness journey means that the hard part’s over, it is also good to consider that sticking to a routine may be equally or even more challenging. Without the right tools for effective fitness training, it may be easier to slack off or give up. Here are 5 ways … Read more

3 Ways to Incorporate Yoga in your Daily Routine

Yoga surely has countless benefits for overall well-being and health. It helps improve strength, balance, and flexibility. It helps manage stress, and ease pain all over the body. It is also great for managing stress, achieving better sleep patterns, and promoting self-care.  However, many people still feel intimidated by the practice. Because to maximize its … Read more

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