Sports and a sense of belonging

Yoga friendships are underrated, I tell you. You know that feeling when you are in the middle of holding that warrior two pose, with your thighs wobbling as if they want no part in this any further, sweat dripping down your face, you are concentrating just enough to not cry, you look to your right … Read more

Online Social Events

Looking for ways to keep the team spirit alive in your sports club or society? Whilst large group training sessions aren’t permitted under Covid-19 restrictions there are still plenty of ways you can unite as a team to enjoy each others company and have a laugh. We know the classic Zoom quiz is no longer … Read more

3 Fitness Challenges For Your Team

Training as a team is harder than ever before, with the pandemic restrictions and online classes meaning many students haven’t returned to campus getting everyone in one place to exercise is difficult… but that doesn’t mean your favorite social sport has to be left to die, instead take on these fitness challenges and motivate the … Read more

What is Sporforya? – Something we don’t have yet

When you’re hungry at home where do you go for food? To Grub Hub for cheeky takeaway! When you want to book a sports class or event where do you go? To Sporforya! See we are a marketplace where people can easily find, compare, and book thousands of sports activities with verified reviews and ratings. … Read more

Why Do We Need Sporforya? – Allow Us To Explain

The world has evolved in every aspect of life, and it keeps on changing all the time. Today, we are used to finding solutions on the internet or our mobile phones. We are used to easy and fast ways to instantly find, compare, and buy goods and services without even leaving our couch! Easy access … Read more

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Ultimate Sports Fan


Before you log on to your Amazon account and add the clichéd sweater or stockings in your cart, think again. Is that what your sports-obsessed friend wants? Do you want to send them another sweater that will stay in their closet all year long? I am sure you don’t want your present to go to … Read more

How To Start A Football YouTube Channel

Being a student is hard, especially when you are a new adult, who has to pay bills, look after a house, AND show up for classes. Combine all this with work, social obligations, and study time, and you have the perfect recipe for a disaster.  Among all this chaos you are left scrambling for cash … Read more

5 Must Watch Sports Movies

Sports movies are one of my favorite genres of all time, mainly because they focus on character building rather than just aiming towards a happy ending. Another captivating quality of a good sports movie is the setting. The place where it takes place sets the mood just as much as a good storyline does. It … Read more

Tried And Tested Time Management Tips For Student- Athletes!

For student-athletes and even for sports enthusiasts, it can sometimes be overwhelming to maintain a healthy studies-sports relationship. It is human nature to be drawn towards things that excite us, which is why they are drawn more towards the sports part. However, it is not smart to invest all your time in sports and spend … Read more

How to throw the perfect party when your team loses

After parties and social events are often the times where a sports teams bond the most. Celebrating a victory comes easily and the after-party vibes aren’t hard to get right, however, trying to host a social event after a team loss is hard, often the mood is killed and players understandable aren’t in the mood … Read more

How to throw a sports themed birthday party?!

Are you tired of continuously taking your kids to chuck e cheese year after year? Or hosting birthdays at McDonald’s? Truth be told, we are tired of repetitive birthdays as well. Not only do they cost a truckload of money, but there is also no uniqueness in it.  To help you out of the mud … Read more

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