Week 6 – Play Local 5

Hi guys, and welcome to the 6th Edition of SPORFORYA5! This week we are committed to staying active. This is why we have a round-up of the 5 places that will keep you on the move amidst the lockdown. Some of these places are planning on opening their facilities with full safety procedures in place. … Read more

Week 4 – SPORFORYA 5

Hi guys, and welcome back to the fourth edition of SPORFORYA5. Before we begin, I would quickly like to highlight what our project is about for all the new readers joining us this week. The project Sporforya5 aims to highlight sports providers, including facilitates, events, and centers in Southern California. This campaign covers all of … Read more

Getting Back To It’ Sports – SPORFORYA 5

Getting Back to Sports

Welcome back to edition 3 of SPORFORYA 5, if this is your first time joining us – Hello! We’ll leave links at the bottom of this edition so you can go back and read the previous ones as across all three we’ve shared 15 different coaches, clubs or facilities. As life starts to get back … Read more

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