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Dance your way to fitness: Is dancing a good exercise?


Have you ever caught yourself tapping to the beat of music? Or tiptoeing barefoot around your room trying to imitate that ballerina moves? Or jiving to the beat of a hip-hop song played on full volume from your stereo? If you ticked yes to any of these, this is the sign you are waiting for to unleash the dancer in you. After all, you should never miss a chance to dance, because any style of dancing is better than not dancing at all.

Dancing has a lot of benefits and may just be your gateway to the road to fitness. These benefits range from physical to mental to social to cognitive, and the list goes on. Whatever age and gender you’re in, and may you be an aspiring or a professional dancer, these benefits apply to you. This may be the motivation you need to get back to dancing, continue dancing, or even start dancing now. Here are just some of the major benefits of dancing:

Physical benefits

It is undeniable that dancing involves physical movement. After all, dancing as defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary means to move your body in a way that goes with the rhythm and style of the music that is being played. Hence, movement is a must in dancing. Because you have to move your body in order to dance, dancing technically is a form of exercise—a fun and enjoyable one. A fun fact, dancing is not only a form of exercise but it is actually considered as an art and a sport! Among its benefits are: strength and flexibility improvement and posture and balance refinement. It is also a good exercise for your respiratory and cardiovascular system. 

Mental benefits

As you dance, your brain produces a neuro-chemical known as endorphin. This chemical is responsible for making you feel more energetic, thus more up for learning. Starting your day with a good dance routine will help you keep your focus and energy. There is so much science behind it that those who suffer from hyperactivity and destructive behavior benefit from dancing. Whether you are stressed or not, dancing is indeed a good way to pass time.

Emotional benefits

The benefits of dancing do not end in the physical and mental. It has emotional benefits as well. Dancing can reduce stress levels and increase self-esteem and confidence. It can also be a fun and healthy way of unleashing your creativity. Through dancing, you also get to meet new people and find new friends who share the same interests as you. Thus, this will help you understand other people’s cultures and improve your communication and socialization skills.

Dancing as a hobby or making it as one is a good way for you to build connections with people of diverse cultures. There’s a whole new world of possibilities in the world of music. If you are a parent, now is the time to enroll your child in a dance class. As they say, start them young. If you yourself are interested in the world of dance, it is not too late to start. Starting late is better than not starting at all.  You might miss out on the great benefits of dancing if you keep on putting off your passion for tomorrow.

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