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Getting Back To It’ Sports – SPORFORYA 5

Getting Back to Sports

Welcome back to edition 3 of SPORFORYA 5, if this is your first time joining us – Hello! We’ll leave links at the bottom of this edition so you can go back and read the previous ones as across all three we’ve shared 15 different coaches, clubs or facilities. As life starts to get back to reality many of us will be looking for ways to lose the quarantine pounds so we’ve dedicated this edition to sports that are great for beginners and those looking for a community where they belong.

The LGBT+ community is thriving, more and more people are comfortable being truly themselves and are proud of it! We love LA Front-Runners club which is a community of runners and walkers for the those who identify LGBT+ and their friends and supporters. This inclusive club welcomes runners and walkers of all levels, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual identities. They host regular fun runs which are held Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays meaning they can be totally flexible with your schedule – there really is no excuse for not giving running a try with a supportive club like this that is so welcoming of all. Weekday fun runs take place at 6:30 in and around the LA area and on Saturdays, the group meets in the morning at 8am in Griffith Park. Another great feature of this club is its membership fees! You can stop worrying about expensive gym fees and the need for fancy attire as for just $30 you can be a member for an entire year, plus if you can get your partner to sign up to it’ll cost just $40 for the two of you per year. 

Getting Back To Sports

Getting out and about in the sunshine is what the summer is all about. If you’re looking to combine your love of the warm seasons with exercise why not give Soccer a try. Both of these sports can be played in smaller teams and facilities such as Ralph M. Lewis Sports Complex offers fields for groups of all sizes, where you can enjoy playing with friends and family. Aside from the pitches, the complex has some convenient facilities including restrooms and a snack bar. Located at 6198 Citrus Ave. Fontana, CA 92336 we highly recommend checking out this complex!

Sporforya- 5

Racket sports might feel like it’s going out of fashion but in reality, they’re thriving. It’s not difficult to see why, the flexibility of being able to play anywhere, indoors or outdoors and no need for a large team are two massive draws for getting into these sports. Plus they can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities making it super versatile. We’ve found a great, local provider who offers private and small group coaching. Tennis 101 offers superior quality tennis instruction for all ages and ability, it’s located at 21481 Sterling Drive Lake Forest, CA 92630. We especially love the after school program – this is a great way to introduce your children to a fun sport where they can make quick progression and get into a good routine that includes exercise which ultimately promotes a healthier lifestyle. The classes are designed for children aged 5-12 and take place on a Wednesday for one hour, there are two classes which are split by ability (beginner or intermediate). Each session lasts 8 weeks which includes a 1-hour session every week. If you’ve got a little one full of energy we think tennis classes would be an enjoyable activity where they can gain new skills, make friends and have fun. 

Getting Back to Sports

Have you ever tried Pilates? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… this form of exercise has SO many health benefits so when you participate in a class you’re not only building your physical strength but will also be building your mental strength too! This has quickly become one of the most popular sports and with so many people now seeming like experts it can be hard to know where to start and you might even feel intimidating to sign up for a new class. That’s where Club Pilates Alameda can help! Located at 16615 Dove Canyon Road, Suite 115, San Diego, CA 92127 this facility has a wide variety of classes including 4 levels split by ability meaning you can find likeminded people like you who are just starting out. The levels go as follows; Level 1 (Foundation, 1.5 (Progression), 2 (Evolution) and finally 2.5 (Mastery). Each level is run by qualified instructors who are passionate about this form of exercise and are therefore more than happy to assist you with any challenges you’re facing. You can even try your first class for free with a complimentary, no pressure intercity session that gives you a full-body 30-minute session with one of the talented instructors. You could even get your teenagers involved, at Club Pilates they believe that good habits start young and so they have classes designed with teenagers in mind – they promote good self-esteem and body-positivity making those challenging years just a little bit easier.


Finally, we wanted to end with another sport we haven’t mentioned before as part of  SPORFORYA 5 – Dance. Even if you’ve never done dance before there are classes out there perfect for you are we are dedicated to helping you find them. If you are located locally to 85 West 43rd Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403 then we recommend checking out Dance Vita Ballroom. This dedicated sports facility has classes designed for kids and teens as well as adults social and fitness classes making it the perfect for all beginners no matter what age you decide to start. We particularly love their drop-in social and fitness sessions putting you completely in control of how often you participate with no annual or monthly fee locking you in. These sessions are reasonably priced at just $15 per class. The facility has worked hard throughout the pandemic to ensure those who love dance can still participate in their favourite sport by putting on online classes – we have so much respect for businesses who have worked hard to carry on no matter what the challenges are ahead and for that we thought this mention was well deserved. 

We would love to hear from you if you have any experiences to share with these organizations, or others you would like to mention in your community.  Tell us what sports you do, what you are passionate about, or what you are thinking about doing next.     

Thanks for reading, and stay active!

Cheers for now 



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