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Golf courses and training centers worth checking out in Arizona

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Playing Golf is a great way to improve your strength and flexibility. However, you cannot simply play golf in your yard nor indoors without proper equipment, unless you have a golf simulator. At the very least, you need to have golf balls which cost roughly 15 to 50 dollars a dozen, and a golf club with around 250 dollars for the lowest price point. This can be a hefty investment and not to mention you still need a proper spot to play. That is why, when it comes to playing golf, it would be practical to just train and practice in golf centers rather than make your own at home.

If that suggestion works for you, here are the spots to practice, train and play golf. This list contains places with a variety of focus– some are plainly for rental, while others specialize in instruction and training, or both. Feel free to visit one which suits your current skill levels and needs. If you are up for another sport and would like to learn more information about it, you may also visit this link.

Coronado Golf Course & Lighted Driving Range (Scottsdale, Arizona)

This Golf Course has an until 9pm availability with lighted driving range, making it ideal for those who want to play at night. It is also very affordable with small, large and jumbo buckets as low as 6.75, 9.75 and 11.95 dollars respectively. In terms of trust and reputation, this Golf Course has a track record of being the oldest in the metro. Book now.

Desert Mirage (Glendale, Arizona)

If you are looking for a spot where you can both receive professional instruction and training, the Desert Mirage is the best place to go. It is located in Glendale and offers a friendly atmosphere with facilities for you to play and practice. Aside from its challenging 9-holes of golf and affordable rates, its driving range is also made of well-maintained natural grass. It has  various choices of 10 and 20-punch “value” range cards which come with 1 and 4-free punches respectively.  You can opt between small, medium, large, and jumbo buckets depending on your needs with a 60-to-300-dollar price range. You might also want to register as a member to be eligible to the best value 69.99-dollar per month. Book your spot at Desert Mirage now.

Frank Macioce, AZ Golf Lessons (Phoenix, Arizona)

Frank Macioce is the person behind AZ Golf Lessons. With more than 15 years of experience coaching golf, Frank can teach both children and adults (from 6-76 years old), even those with handicaps. He has lessons that can cater various skills levels and preferences, may it be individual or by group. His lessons are beginner-friendly because he uses visual aids to make it easy-to-explain for those who do not know anything about the sport. He also prides in his easy-to-understand lessons which are effective enough to fix your swing flows in about 15 minutes.

John Jacobs’ Golf Schools and Academies (Scottsdale, Arizona)

John Jacobs’ Golf School and Academies is named after one of its founders, John Jacobs. Jacobs is popular in the world of golf, having been presented by Queen Elizabeth II the Order of the British Empire (OBE). On the other hand, its other founder, Shelby Futch, was hailed by GOLF magazine as one of the “America’s 50 Best Golf Teachers.” With their achievements in the field, you are assured that you get top-notch training and guidance. This Golf School was founded in 1971 and has helped 250 000 golfers since then. The instruction method varies per golfer’s skill level and experience to make sure that their needs are addressed. Summer camps and after-school clinics are also offered for children ages 6-16.

If you want to learn more about sports training, events and facility rentals in your locality, visit and head to Play Local. From there, you can easily book, compare and join sports games, tournaments, and activities.You can also check out this video.

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