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Home workout equipment you need


Have Covid-19 restrictions left you with no choice but to workout from home? We feel your frustration… But thankfully social media and online shopping mean that a good workout is never too difficult to achieve. Although, if you’re new to home workouts and not wanting to invest a lot in exercise equipment these are the must-have pieces of home workout equipment that won’t clutter your home but will provide you with everything you need for an optimal workout.

1. A roll-up yoga mat

Whilst people usually buy these for, well yoga, there are plenty of versatile uses for a yoga mat. From a grippy surface for floor exercises or just an alternative to sweating directly onto your floors. We think a yoga mat is a staple piece for all fitness enthusiasts working out from home. Pick these up online or in stores such as Target for less than $10. An added benefit is that when you get your roll mat out you make a new space that’s specifically designed for a workout which might help you get in the right mental state of mind for a great session.

2. Resistance bands

Lots of exercises can be made harder by simply adding resistance bands. If you frequently work the glutes or legs then we recommend fabric bands that won’t slip as you workout. Prefer working things such as arms or back? You can get longer resistance bands and attachments that have a door anchor to help you get a similar heavy lifting experience at home without the need for a weights set. The best thing about resistance bands is that you can take them to the gym with you and they are easy to store meaning even after Covid-19 is (finally!) over you’ll have a use for these.

3. A skipping rope

If you’re not much of a runner and prefer cardio machines such as the cross trainer, simulating a cardio-based workout from home is a little more difficult. But we’ve recently found that a skipping rope is a great, space-saving solution! Opt for a weighted rope or just any rope (designed for adults) and get your heart rate up. You’ll feel the burn in your legs especially so if you’re new to skipping build up the sets slowly and don’t go all-in on the first day. Check out the Jump Rope Dudes on YouTube for workout ideas appropriate for all ability levels. Plus if you get a yoga mat too you can use it as a mat to jump on which will help cushion the jumps.

4. Small dumbbell weights

Whilst getting an entire weight set can be costly opting for a pair of weights around 10 IBS will give you more options for your workouts. From weighted Russian twists for abs, or weighted side lunges for glutes you’ll find that lots of exercises can be made harder by adding a dumbbell. Of course, these do take up slightly more space but they’ll still likely fit under a sofa or bed for clean minimalistic storage.

5. Ab Wheel

This is quite a specific piece of equipment so if you don’t work abs then this probably isn’t for you… but if you do then with this you will feel the burn – trust us! Depending on where you buy and the quality you go for the prices will vary, from Amazon, you can pick one up for around $20. Before you start make sure you’ve got something to protect your knees because rolling straight onto a hard surface could be quite painful.

We hope this helps you improve your home workouts and see some serious gain even if the situation is less than ideal!


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