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How to choose the right sports one-on-one lessons for yourself?


Choosing the right sports and then the best lessons or one-on-one coaching classes for oneself is very important to make your time worthwhile. However, it can be challenging to select which lessons are the most suitable choice for you or your child.
This is why this edition of skill sharer tips by SPORFORYA focuses on tips and tricks to find the one for you. Without further ado, let’s dive into the checklist to select your next coaching classes!

  • One thing that you should never compromise on while selecting sports lessons is the instructor’s attitude. Whenever you talk to the instructor, make sure that the person is friendly and has a go-get-it attitude. Since these classes would most probably be on a one-on-one basis or have a max of two students at a time, you want to be sure that the person is friendly and would one hundred percent assist you in learning. If you get wrong or rude vibes from the person, we advise you to run in the opposite direction as fast as possible.
  • Class timings are another thing that can make or break the deal. While selecting a peer to take classes from, communicate all the available slots in your schedule clearly and ask the instructor to do the same. This way, you would both know what time you are available, this would help you set the best possible timings without any confusion. On the SPORFORYA marketplace, you can find instructors who have multiple different timings; therefore, you will easily find someone within your time range.
  • The instructor’s experience is another thing that matters. However, you don’t exactly need an expert to start and want to learn the basics. Find someone who has an appropriate amount of experience and fulfills your requirements.

  • Locality issues are another thing to focus on. It is best to find an instructor who lives nearby so that the commute is not an issue at the end time. Find something who can either come to your place easily, or you can go to theirs. Alternatively, you can find a facility where you can practice with the instructor. You can find both peers and facilities on SPORFORYA, and if you signup right away, you would get 1000 sporty club points, which you can spend within the day.
  • Lastly, openly communicate your expectations before starting the lessons; this way, you would both know the coaching classes’ outcome, and none of you would end up disappointed. Selecting an instructor who has the right amount of experience and knowledge along with the right attitude will make your peer to peer classes a huge hit. Remember to read up about the peer that you select and read real-time reviews of their previous students.

SPORFORYA provides you the opportunity to find peers online via an all-inclusive marketplace. Additionally, if you signup as either a user or a provider for the marketplace, you get free sporty club points, a reduced fee percentage, and an exclusive tee for the first 100 signups!

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