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How To Start A Football YouTube Channel

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Being a student is hard, especially when you are a new adult, who has to pay bills, look after a house, AND show up for classes. Combine all this with work, social obligations, and study time, and you have the perfect recipe for a disaster. 

Among all this chaos you are left scrambling for cash because let’s face it, being broke and being a student go hand in hand. This is why, with this edition of sporty club, we are going to introduce you to a fun way of earning some extra cash. 

YouTube is the jack of all trades and with the rise in the popularity of multiple new YouTube channels, it is one of the best ways to cash in on your interest. If you are a die hard football fan and have not missed a match since you were five, this is the perfect opportunity to make some money out of it. 

All you have to do is stack up your camera or your mobile phone against a couple of books and start talking. Signing up for a YouTube channel is pretty straight forward, just open YouTube on a tab and you will find the option on the top right corner. 

The only hurdle that you might face in the beginning is getting viewers, for that purpose, we suggest that you spread the word around as much as you can. Tell your friends about it, your folks about it, and spread the word around on your social media profiles. 

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Here are a few other pointers that will help you excel at your YouTube channel:

  1. Research. No matter what you are planning on doing, research should be your number one step. Look into the niche that you plan on getting into, watch other YouTubers, check out what is the pattern of videos for football channels, what is the content like, who are the subscribers, what are people using as thumbnails, and what are the trending topics. 
  2. Your next step should be creating content. All of this is only talk if you don’t act on it and make actual videos, which is why you should use a mobile and start to make an introduction video. Tell everyone who you are, what you plan on doing with the channel, and why do you think they should subscribe to your football YouTube channel. 
  3. Think of a name. Once you have nailed down what you are putting on the channel, think of a name. Something that resonates with football and your name is the best option. Keep it short and simple so that it is easier for people to remember it.
  4. Stick to a posting schedule. Uniformity and schedules are your two best friends. Tell your followers when you will post a new video and put up something then!
  5. There are so many topics that you can discuss on a football channel, you can review games, do profiles on celebrity players, make reaction videos, post tips for playing the actual game, and even post fun content, such as roasting videos. 

Don’t let the lack of fancy equipment and a team deter you from starting a channel. Just prop your camera or your phone up on a pile of books and get to recording.

That’s all from our side for this edition in the Sporty Club. If you have a sports centric youtube channel, drop down your links below, and let us know how you like this article. 

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