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How to throw a sports themed birthday party?!

sports birthday party

Are you tired of continuously taking your kids to chuck e cheese year after year? Or hosting birthdays at McDonald’s? Truth be told, we are tired of repetitive birthdays as well. Not only do they cost a truckload of money, but there is also no uniqueness in it. 

To help you out of the mud and plan a birthday party for your sport fanatic child, we have composed this blog today to help you out. We have the perfect decoration ideas, a five-star kid-friendly menu, and a cute little invitation to host the birthday party of your little MVP’s dream.


There are countless ways of personalizing birthday party invites for dinner. If your child has a particular favourite sport, then you can cut out cardboard pieces in the shape of game props for invitation cards. 

You can also print out your baby’s picture in his sports gear and write on it. The possibilities are endless if you just let your creative juices flow!

To personalize the cards even more, you can always ask your child to address them with their cute little handwriting. Not only would it be a great bonding activity for you both, but it would also give the child some sense of responsibility if they would be a part of the planning process.


Naturally, you need to decorate the house or the garden where you are hosting the party. For a sports theme birthday party you can go with several ideas for backdrops, such as this one in the image below. It is simple and you can easily DIY.

Next up, props. Print out different balls, gaming equipment, caps, small jerseys, and logos of their favorite teams. You can also hang a big pinata in the shape of a big ball and fill it with candies and different small chocolates.

Lastly, you need a picture wall. The best way to go about the picture wall is to keep it as simple as possible. Therefore, we would suggest you hang lights and small jerseys from the ceiling, but they should be low enough to come in the background!

For goodie bags, you can DIY a small gift bag using cardboards and cutting them out in the shape of jerseys. Paste them on regular brown paper bags and you are done. Get some ball candies and stationery that has different games on them and fill them up. You can use any material that fits your budget!


Coming to the most important part of any party, THE FOOD. The best way to go about food for a kid’s party is to go with finger food that is easy to eat and prepare. You can fry some chicken sticks and label them as baseball bat chicken sticks. Pop some popcorn and label them as golf balls. You can also create a fruit platter and arrange them in the shape of the team’s logo.

The cake can also be in the shape of a ball or a sports field.


No kid’s birthday party is complete without games, which is the easiest part of a sport’s themed birthday party. You can add a twist to the “pin the tail on the donkey” and change it to “pin the ball on the goal post”. Print out cardboard with a goal post and use the same ball cutouts that you used for invites.

Ball relay can be played on the same rules as passing the pillow. The kid who wins gets the price. Hula hoop is another fun game to play at a birthday party. Even adults can join in and have some fun!

A birthday party can be as much fun as you want it to be. You can go wild with the decorations and play around with games and food. Let the creative juices flow! 

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Marium (team SPORFORYA)

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