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How to throw the perfect party when your team loses


After parties and social events are often the times where a sports teams bond the most. Celebrating a victory comes easily and the after-party vibes aren’t hard to get right, however, trying to host a social event after a team loss is hard, often the mood is killed and players understandable aren’t in the mood to party. If you are hosting an event after a game and what it to go well regardless of the outcome here are some failproof ways you can still have a good time. 

Plan Games

People might not have the motivation to socialise naturally so planning some fun games (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) could be a great way create an enjoyable atmosphere. The games should be simple to play and need minimal equipment to ensure all guests are able to play without needing to understand complex rules – the easier it is the more likely everyone is to join in. 

The games could be sports related, card games, classic party games or anything else you think the team would find enjoyable. Some of our favourite party games include;

  • Would you rather
  • Heads up
  • Two truths, one lie
  • Musical chairs 
  • Charades

All of these games can easily be adapted into drinking games if you are over 21 and are planning to have alcohol at the event. 

Allow Plus 1s

Whilst you might want to keep it to just the team allowing members to bring a plus 1 brings new people into the group and with them will come more energy and positive party vibes. This is especially great if the team has had a particularly bad lose as the plus 1s wont be suffering from those same negative emotions. Just make sure you know who’s attending in advance if you are serving food – you wouldn’t want anyone to go hungry as that would be a mood killer. 

You could even make plus 1s part of the theme to add a little fun to the evening, for example a men’s team could have a ‘lads and Dads’ theme so the team bring along their dads to the event. Or if you want to keep it more open you could have a duos costume theme so everyone coming will dress up as a duo with their plus 1 – think Mario and Luigi, Bert and Ernie, Hannah Montana and Lola Luftnagle or any other classic duo. 

Celebrate the success the team did have

Don’t write off a lost game as a complete failure, there are always some positives to see and they should still be celebrated at post-match celebrations. If you pick a player of the match or similar make sure you still recognise that teammate who did a good job even when the match got tough. Keeping up the post-match traditions is a great way to remind yourself and the rest of the team of all the things they enjoy about the sport. 

Be positive!

For many adult players the social aspect of sports it what draws them to a team and therefore the outcome of the match might not be the main reason they participate. Because of this the mood at your event might not be completely ruined after a lost game so make sure you go in with a positive attitude and optimistic mindset – after all if the host is having a bad time it’s likely so is everyone else! 

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