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Junior Basketball

This week we are very excited to bring forward this blog post as this one is focused on kids. We have a round-up of some amazing sports providers who are offering basketball classes in the locality of Southern California.

Basketball is an excellent sport for your child to get into from an early age, since it builds your character and also has several other benefits. It is a complete body workout that keeps the body in motion and includes some much-needed activity in your child’s life.

Furthermore, it teaches the importance of good sportsmanship, which is a vital skill that translates well both on the court and off the court. Since basketball is a team game, it also promotes a healthy habit of making friends outside of school developing social skills.

Lastly, enrolling your child in a basketball academy and competing in leagues will ensure that your child learns how to deal with authority. It builds self-esteem and increases their confidence.

Our first sports provider that promotes all these skills in your little player is The National Junior Basketball Organization. NJB is a non-profit organization and has basketball leagues and camps for kids of all ages. They have an upcoming winter’s sports basketball coaching camp, which you can sign up for right now. Also if you are a parent and you want to coach or act as a referee, you can sign up on the same link.

Next up, we have Vegas Elite Basketball Club, which has classes starting from students of grade 1 to the high school level. They are strictly following all SOPs, which is why you should cooperate with them if you plan on visiting them. They are based out of Las Vegas and have programs for both girls and boys.

Kids Sports is another sports provider who has basketball classes for children of all ages. They currently have coaching classes going on for kids of grade 1 to grade 8. They also have scholarship programs if you are looking for academies with a financial aid option.

Rest assured they are extremely professional and give every child an equal opportunity to grow socially by learning life-long skills, such as teamwork and fair play. They have been around since 1953, which is why they have a lot of experience in the field.   

High Five America Organization offers basketball classes for students of all ages. They have a whole curriculum to learn both practically and theoretically. Coach Nichols is an incredible teacher who devotes a lot of time to his students.

The camp lasts for 8 weeks with a one-hour session each week. The best part about their classes is that their groups are divided based on skills rather than age, which in all honesty is the best way to learn.

Our last provider for this edition is Pro-skills Basketball Club based out of Denver, Colorado. They provide coaching lessons for kids who are in 2nd to 8th grade. Other than usual classes, they also offer special classes, such as summer and winter camps.

They also have virtual basketball classes going on right now for people of all skill levels to learn in a safe remote environment. Check them out here.

With this, we will conclude our junior basketball league edition of Play Local 5. If you like our content and want to learn about kids and sports, check out some other articles on our blog by Charlotte. She often writes about children and sports!

Rate us in the feedback section below and let us know what sports are your child’s favorite.

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