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Getting used to the new normal is on all of our to-do lists for the past few months, and truth be told, we are all still coping up with the after-effects of the lockdown. With the second wave of the virus on its way in many countries around the world, we should all focus on staying as safe as possible.

This includes leaving the house for necessities only and spending time at home with loved ones so that we can keep them safe. However, it is very stressful for parents, their children, and even students living on their own to stay at home all day.

This is why we have a round-up of five amazing sports providers who are offering online lessons for dance, gymnastics, and even fitness workouts. These providers have classes for toddlers, teenagers, and even adults.

Let’s start with one for the babies. Our first contender is Gym Towne, which is based out of San Francisco. For all those who are in the locality can check out their outdoor classes. According to the website, they are following full SOPs and have the situation under control.

Other than that, they have a virtual program for all the babies. You can help your child stay active at home by enrolling for their sessions at the 25% off that they are offering right now. Want to know what the best part is? They are offering a free first session, so you can easily make up your mind if you want to go ahead with the program or not.

Our next pick is also for kids under the age of 12, known as the Fitness in Transit. They have a new set of virtual training starting from next month, which you can sign up for on their website.

They have a variety of lessons to choose from, ranging from aerobics to yoga to hip hop. They also offer special lessons for a kid’s birthday party. Therefore, if you are looking to host a COVID’19 friendly birthday party and have a zoom session planned, you can hire them for a fun dance session.

This would make the kids very happy and would keep them on the feet all day long!

Unrecognizable female trainer teaching girl doing forward tilt on parquet

For adults, our first pick today is United Barbell. United Barbell is a fitness center with many different programs for all adults. Currently, due to the ongoing pandemic, they are offering limited capacity in-persons lessons. But for all those who are not able to book a slot with them, they can sign up for their online lessons.

Their virtual classes are an excellent way to not skip on your gym routine and have fun with classmates at the same time.

Athletic Playground is yet another gymnastics and fitness studio offering online classes to keep people moving in their homes. They are offering 30+ lessons at a small price of $75 per month, which is way less than gyms in general.

They have no age limit, therefore, you all can either sign up for yourself or give a subscription to your parents or siblings to let them know that you are thinking of them.

Our last provider for the week is the VRV3 dance studio. They are open for both in-person and virtual classes.

They are a fully equipped dance studio and they offer classes from beginner to advanced level. For more information, you can check them out. They have pretty straight forward pricing.

That’s all from our side this week in Play Local 5. If you like our Play Local articles, don’t forget to give your feedback and rate us in the review column below. If you want us to feature you in our next edition, send out an email to us and we will get back to you on a priority basis!

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