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Looking for ways to keep the team spirit alive in your sports club or society? Whilst large group training sessions aren’t permitted under Covid-19 restrictions there are still plenty of ways you can unite as a team to enjoy each others company and have a laugh. We know the classic Zoom quiz is no longer the favorite so we’ve made sure to research some alternatives so you can simply enjoy the fun!

Among Us

You’ve almost certainly heard of this free to play (on mobile) multiplay game. Among Us made a storm last year after the game surpassed 217 million downloads on mobile. Play with up to 10 teammates and work together to complete tasks whilst trying to avoid being killed or sabotaged by the Imposta (hint, they’re the ones acting sus)! Successfully vote out the player(s) you think isn’t part of the Crewmates to win the game.

Got a big team? Why not split into smaller groups and have a mini tournament, why not include a prize such as a winner leads the first warm-up session when you’re back to training? Or have a forfeit for the losers such as shots or downing a pint.

Costume trials!

Get dressed up to have some fun, friendly competition, a themed costume party where participants send in their photos and everyone rates them out of 10 is a great way to have a laugh and stay connected with your team even during Covid-19 restrictions. The lowest scoring costume has to do a forfeit chosen by the winner!

You could even make the theme related to your sport, college or team. Not sure about what theme to use? Here are some of the classics – animals, retro outfits, or movie stars/characters.

Online cocktail classes

It’s not a college social night without alcohol – even during a pandemic, we think this is an essential way to enjoy social time with your team. Hire a local cocktail maker or just appoint a host to lead the class and have fun creating cocktails altogether. Just be sure to send out the ingredients list in advance so everyone has what they need!

Not into cocktails? No worry! Try it with food, desserts or just about anything creative! We’re sure there is an option to suit everyone.

Virtual Come Dine With Me

Get into pairs, set a meal budget and send one another a tasty meal to enjoy together on video call. Not only does this bring you all together and adds a fun element of surprise, but if you choose to support local restaurants and take-outs you can support the community too! After all, everyone deserves something to be happy about during these difficult times.

We hope these virtual social activities inspire you for your next team get together! We know you can’t wait for restrictions to ease o you can enjoy sports to the fullest once again – we’re looking forward to that too.

Until next time,
Charlotte (Team SPORFORYA)!

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