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Places to swim and unwind in Colorado: a traveler’s guide

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If you are reading this, chances are, Western US is your target location for your next vacation; or that you are already in Colorado right now. Whether you love heights or depths, Colorado is a great vacation spot for you because of its mountains, high plains, rivers, and springs. It is important to research the activities you will do so that you can fully maximize what the place has to offer. If you do not have any planned activities yet, nothing could go wrong with swimming. Who knows, you might be one swim away from a good mood.

Finding and booking locations can be a hassle, and some facilities won’t even accept walk-ins. That is why, we at Sporforya want you to enjoy your vacation without all those inconveniences. Here are some spots to visit and activities to try in Colorado.

Colorado Historic Hot springs Loop

If you are looking for a wide array of choices to quench your need for swimming and adventure, the Colorado Hot Springs Loop is the best place to go. With its 17 facilities that come with unique accommodations and features, you’ll really have a dose of excitement, relaxation, and adventure. You will have a variety of cool and hot spring pools to choose from. You may start with Chaffe County’s Hot Springs & Cool Adventures, then proceed to Pagosa Springs surrounded with forest areas. After the relaxing aura in Pagosa Springs, you may also try something more adventurous like skiing in Steamboat Springs.  If you want to unwind with an iconic scenery that has easy access to coffee and chocolate shops, you may also head south to Ouray, the Switzerland of America. The hot springs in Ouray are great for muscle relaxation without that strong sulfur smell.

Zapata Falls

If you just want to chill out, the Zapata Falls is a great spot to go. Just like most waterfalls, you need to do a bit of uphill hiking and trekking (around half a mile) before you reach the destination. However, it won’t be a stressful journey because the waters are chilly enough to keep you cool plus the surrounding tundra and field keeps the temperature down. Once you reach the top of Zapata Falls, you get an overlooking view of the San Luis Valley. Hence, visiting Zapata Falls is an escape both from your worries and the sun’s blazing heat.

Woodland Park Aquatic Center

Woodland Park Aquatic Center, located in Woodland Park Colorado is one of the best spots to swim and train for both children and adults. This is a great spot to go if you do not like long hikes and trails, and are more up for indoor-type of swimming. The services they offer range from swimming lessons to multipurpose room rentals. In terms of the lessons, they cater individual and group fitness classes, and family swim instruction of up to four members with 30 minutes of instruction per lesson. They also have open swim and lap lanes for those who do not need to know the basics but want to improve their skills.

When it comes to facilities, they have well-maintained locker rooms. The multipurpose rooms and pools are also available for rental for various occasions like birthday parties and meetings.

Through Sporforya’s Pass-Sport, you can easily find information regarding the sport you are interested in, wherever you are, with just a few clicks. No need to spend hours roaming around the city, asking about their activities. There is also no need for you to browse through the hundreds of suggestions on search engines and manually gather their contact information. With Pass-Sport, booking and comparing sport facilities, centers, and events is made easier for you. Feel free to check out this video.

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