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Should you use a personal trainer?

Personal Trainer

Whether you’ve been working out for a year or have just made regular fitness sessions a part of your routine you may be considering using a personal trainer. Whilst the investment might seem like a lot of money to have a “workout buddy” having a PT provides so much more than just company during your workouts. Here are 5 top reasons why you should seriously consider having a PT on your team.

  1. Get results efficiently and effectively

When you decide to hit the gym there are likely to be at least a couple of things you are hoping to achieve, from increased mental wellbeing to muscle definitions these goals are the things that motivate you to carry on. With a personal trainer, you’ll learn the most efficient way to get results and may see them much sooner than you were expecting. A PT will help you build a schedule that enables you to get the best results out of yourself no matter how much time you have to commit. So whether you’re working our every day for multiple hours or just a couple of hours per week you know that you’ll be making the most out of every session. 

  1. Perfect your form and minimise the risk of injury

One of the most overwhelming things you have to learn when working out is the correct form. Not only does the enable you to perform movements properly but it also protects you against the risk of injury. Having a PT by your side reduces the worry you may have about trying new movements as they will be able to demonstrate and guide you to ensure you are doing everything safely whilst getting the best results.

  1. Understand and set realistic goals

We’ve all seen the social media scams that show incredible results after drinking nothing but a protein shake for three weeks, however, in practice, this simply isn’t true. These social media claims and posts can make it difficult to set realistic goals, especially if this is your first time getting into fitness and you don’t know what to expect. Your PT will be able to guide you through realistic goals and hold you accountable for achieving your goals. 

  1. Challenge yourself

If you’ve been going to the gym for a while you might be in a comfortable routine. Results might have plateaued and you no longer have the same drive you once did for hitting the gym and pushing yourself to the limits. That is where a PT can really make a difference to your attitude. Not only can they help you set new goals but they can evaluate where you are currently at and set new challenges that go beyond what you previously thought possible.

  1. Form lifelong habits

You may not need a PT forever but even after you say goodby you’ll be left with lots of knowledge and experience that will enable you to keep lifelong fitness habits. These are helpful things you can apply to all of your workouts and fitness sessions in the future. A PT isn’t just an investment in the present but also your future. 

Thanks for reading, and stay active! Are there other topics surrounding health, wellness and wellbeing you’d like to read about? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll share it with you. 



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