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Welcome back to the 5th edition of SPORFORYA 5 we are dedicating this weeks posts to friendship! As lockdown restrictions are eased many of us are finally able to spend time with our friends and are ready to get back into our fitness routines. We figured what better way to spend the summer days but to combine these two things and meet with friends to participate in social sports. If you need some inspiration for summer sports you can enjoy with your friends keep reading for five great suggestions. 

Dance doesn’t have to be only for the experts; there is plenty of enjoyment you can get as a total beginner. Not only is dance a great way to stay in shape you’ll have a great time with friends and make new ones. Even if facilities aren’t yet operating at full capacity you can meet with a friend and join in with one of their many virtual classes designed specifically for beginners. FOCUS Dance Center for the Performing Arts has a variety of dance styles that beginners can get involved with such as Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap. There is a great opportunity every Saturday morning whereby you can join in with a free 20-minute exercise class that is streamed live and will be both virtual and interactive. Find out more about the sessions now and maybe your next Saturday will start with a bang! 


A day at the golf course with your closest friends is a great way to gossip, catch up and enjoy a fun sport. There are so many beautiful courses spread across Southern California so no matter where you are located we are sure you’ll be able to find one that’s within a reasonable distance. 

One that we think you should check out is at 46 Scotsburn Rd TALWRN, LL14 1JZ – Forest Meadow Golf. The facilities here are great, they have a fantastic open course with the right terrain and fresh grass making a great place to test your golf abilities and have fun. With all this in mind, there is one more key benefit of playing golf – you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous California sunshine! 


Running might not be the sport for everyone but with the right mindset and positive people surrounding you we are certain you can find the fun in anything. Santa Monica Mountain Goats Running Club is perfect for all levels as there is no set distance to run/jog/walk so when you set off and return all at the same time regardless of how fast you are able to move. Typically people exercise for an hour. Here’s a little more about the club ‘We were founded in 1982 and we are one of the oldest trail running groups in Southern California. We are an environment-friendly, non-profit, non-dues running group whose purpose is to enjoy the beauty of the Santa Monica Mountains. We meet at 7:15 am every Saturday during the season, on a different trail.’


We love Volleyball, what’s not to love – it takes place on the beach and can be played for fun or competitively by all ages making it super versatile and perfect for summer. Even from a beginners perspective, there is plenty of fun to be had with this sport. Take a look at Santa Monica Beach Volleyball where you can purchase 4 classes at a variety of levels for just $100. They are located on Ocean Park Beach which is absolutely stunning! You can go for a lesson and then spend the rest of the day enjoying the atmosphere. Just make sure you bring a cooler with some refreshing drinks for after the game!


Last but not least – Tennis. A personal favorite of mine as I have so many great memories of playing with my grandfather as a child. This is a racket sport that you can play with all ages as long as they are able to swing and hit the ball. There are plenty of both indoor and outdoor courts you can play on but, one we facility we wanted to give a special mention is Anaheim Tennis Center. They have fantastic courts available to use even if you aren’t a member with hourly court fees starting at just $6 per person. If you really get into it you can join their membership program and play on a regular basis. 

We would love to hear from you if you have any experiences to share with these organizations, or others you would like to mention in your community. Tell us what sports you do, what you are passionate about, or what you are thinking about doing next.     

Thanks for reading, and stay active!

Cheers for now 



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