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Week 2– Play Local 5

Volley Ball

Hi guys, and welcome to the second edition of SPORFORYA 5. If you don’t know about our latest project, I highly encourage you all to check out our Week 1 article for an introduction to the movement. For now, I will summarize it for you. SPORFORYA 5 is a project revolving around the local sports providers in YOUR region, ranging from cycling to football, and covering every other physical activity in between!

Each week we handpick five providers in Southern California that we think are doing an amazing job at facilitating the locals with sports and fitness centers.

Keeping the hot weather in mind, our first sport this week is none other than swimming. Swimming is not only an amazing activity to stay fit, but it is also one of the best habits that you can enlist in your child from an early age. The Swim Right Academy is located at 5870 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, and has different programs for people of all ages.

You can join their parent-tot program for a fun activity with your child, or you can enroll your kids in a swimming group, and enjoy some much needed me time. They also offer adult classes and one-on-one sessions, so it is safe to assume that they have something for each individual!

Swimming and water remind me of a beach. And what is the most famous beach sport? You guessed it right, it’s volleyball! Volleyball transports me in a state of nostalgia when we used to visit the beach and engage in a friendly game.

If you want to experience the same with your friends, check out the West Coast Volley Ball Club. They provide coaching on an individual and team basis according to your set goals. They have a team of highly qualified trainers who have a proven track record of bringing out the best in a team.

Volleyball is actually a really cool sport to learn, it not only keeps your fit while you enjoy on the coast, but it improves your body coordination as well. The club is also known for actively arranging volleyball tournaments on the BEACH for their students. All in all, It is a fun activity to try out with either your siblings or your friends and learn a new skill in the process.

Located on Dove Canyon Road, in the heart of San Diego is our next sports facility, the Club Pilates. I am sure you must have heard of Club Pilates if you live in Southern California, but what you don’t know is the fact that they produce over 8 million workouts each year.

The said club believes in being the best version of oneself and they feel that pilates gives you the freedom to do just that. It allows you to exercise control over your body by being confident and practicing mental clarity.

The Club Pilates offers courses for every one of you out there. They have four different levels of courses, ranging from beginner level to mastery and nine different lessons. If you live nearby, we highly recommend you to check out their facility, from their studio to their coaches, everything is top-notch and you will be impressed by their dedication to the sport.

Are you worried about your child’s physical activity after school? Or are you looking for a fun class for your kids in the summer vacation? Well, look no further. We have the most optimal sport for your child to enroll in.

Eagle Basketball Academy offers basketball lessons for ages 5 to 13. Their coach Ismael Ish Loyal smashes patriarchy each day by training both girls and boys together with the same principles. The coaching staff is both educated and highly experienced with more than 17 years of experience under their belts.

They are all committed to keeping alive the club culture and that is why they dedicate their soul to produce professional basketball players of tomorrow. Their pricing plan is easy on the pocket and their state of the art facility located at 7939 4th St NW, Los Ranchos De Albuquerque ensures complete security of every child enrolled in their class.

Our last pick for this week is a rather unique provider, The Crafty Pedler. The Crafty Pedler is a bike event, which is held every year with different games and activities.

You can enlist yourself for their next meetup via their website. The meetup usually consists of a bike hunt, which is like a refined version of a scavenger hunt. Along with bike races they provide a variety of other fun activities that those taking part can get involved with.

If you are remotely interested in biking and live in Los Angeles, you should definitely give them a try. They also have a souvenir shop that you can check out!

Have you ever tried any of these activities listed above? Are you a fan of any particular game or do you want us to feature your choice of sport or facility next time? Or are you a provider who is interested in our project? If yes, then reach out to us on We absolutely love hearing from you!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay active!

Until next time,


Team Sporforya

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