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Covid-19 has changed many of our daily lives including our fitness routines, many of us have been unable to participate in sports we love and as a result, have turned to sports than can be done individually and social distance. However, things are changing every day, and this week we’re dedicating our SFY 5 article to providers who are offering services right now, so you don’t have to wait around for reopening. 

Sports you can get involved with right now

Firstly we feature Proa Athletics a team of strength and conditioning coaches who are dedicated to empowering people who want to make positive choices – they recognise that people don’t have to want to be perfect they just have to want to be better and the dedication and desire to move forward it what will motivate you, with the help of the team, to improve. There are a variety of different classes you can take advantage of such as 1-1 personal coaching, functional strength classes and athletic team training. Take at what Proa Athletics has to offer and get excited about your fitness journey. 

Yoga helps you relax, destress and build incredible full-body strength. Whilst face-to-face classes are still cancelled Bloom Yoga is offering fantastic online classes which anyone can get involved with. The online membership comes at the affordable price of just $39 and gives you access to both Live and on-demand classes on a monthly basis giving you the freedom to get involved whenever you want. Give it a try and feel both the mental and physical benefits of practising yoga today!

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Looking for activities your children can get involved in? Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy (ESYDA) has a Fall program that has started this month. ESYDA is perfect for children and teens age 5 – 19 and with their recreational and competitive programs aimed at both beginners and advanced skill levels everyone can get involved. They have fantastic facilities, including both an outdoor and indoor pitch which are rotated between depending on the season. 


Top Notch Fitness is an inclusive gym that welcomes people from any fitness background. You can sign up for personal training or group classes and watch as your fitness levels increase, and you successfully hit your exercise goals. There is even more reason to get moving with Top Notch Fitness because your first three sessions are free so you can give the facilities and services a test before committing. 


Our final provider being featured this week is 9 Round Fitness – if you want to give kickboxing a try this is a great place to give it a go, right now new members get a free workout. A trainer will be on the floor to guide you through each of the stations and show you all the moves. The classes run for 30 minutes and will leave you feeling so accomplished. 


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