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The Three Easy Steps to Recharge After a Tournament


After a tournament, when all the excitement and adrenaline from the game has faded, your body will demand its much-needed rest and relaxation. Sore muscles and body pains are just your body’s way of sending signals for you to take a break from those strenuous activities. It is time to pamper yourself for a job well done.

If you search on the internet for ways of how to refuel and recharge after a game, you will be bombarded with tens or hundreds of suggestions. Reading all those can be time-consuming and a hassle on your part. To help you with your relaxation journey, we compiled a simple three-step routine for you to do after a game. 

What are the three steps to recharge and refuel?

These three steps can be remembered by the acronym “MED”. This is not an abbreviation for medicine but it somewhat works like a medicine for your body to help it heal and replenish itself. MED here stands for Massage-Eat-Drink.


When you are massaged, your brain releases a chemical called endorphins that is why you feel that instant sense of calmness. It is also one way of reducing that adrenaline rush that you felt from the game earlier. 

Aside from these instant relief benefits of massage, it is also proven to reduce your muscle tension, increase your mobility and flexibility for future tournaments, and aid your soft tissue recovery. If you experienced stress and anxiety from the previous game, massage is a way to alleviate it.


Another way to refuel after a game is to eat. It is advisable to eat carbohydrate and protein-loaded food especially after a strenuous activity. Some foods you can add in your post-tournament meal are lean meats, eggs, dairy products, seafood and fruits like bananas. Indulge yourself and give your body its most craved delicacies.


Drink fluids. You may not notice it but you lose a lot of sweat during a game. Aside from sweating due to physical activities, your stress hormone may even trigger you to sweat more than normal. That is why you lose fluid more than you ever realize.

Remember to keep yourself hydrated after a tournament. Drink lots of fluids. Prioritize drinking water. You may also gulp on those fruit drinks. Just remember to limit caffeine and sugar intake after the tournament. Everything is good but in moderation.

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