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Top 3 Sports To Improve Hand-Eye Coordination!

Hand Eye Coordination

Playing sports has several health benefits, such as a fresh mind, a healthy body, and an active lifestyle. Apart from these, sports are an excellent way to enlist better balance and improve coordination as well.

Some sports are better than others for improving your hand-eye coordination. They enable you to focus on the current task and trick your mind for better alignment.

It is an important skill for everyday life and lack of it can interfere with routine activities. If you are looking for fun sports to help you, then you are on the right page. We have three of the most amazing sports that you can play right here in Southern California and improve your coordination. 


Baseball is a fairly easy game to understand and play. The rules are not complicated at all and once you get a hang of them, then it’s all fun.

However, a good baseball field is quite deceptive since there are a variety of throws and pitching styles. The large pitching range complicates things further. Therefore, the game requires good focus and timings.

As you strike the ball, again and again, you become familiar with different types of throws. Your timings improve and you get better. Even when you are pitching, you are essentially working on coordination. The amount of spin, angle of projection, and speed all require a high amount of eye-hand coordination.


Golf is a country sport that can immensely help you with coordination. It requires a high amount of focus, as you need to align your shot perfectly with the hole. Not only do you have to hit the ball properly, but you also have to control your hand movements so that you don’t hit the ball with too much speed.

An effective way to master the sport is to ensure that you drive your hips forward while swinging. This way you are putting both your hand strength and your eye alignment to test.


All acts of basketball, including passing, stealing, dribbling, and shooting are focus-dependent. You need both your eyes and hands to align with these aspects. So basically, 80% of the game depends on hand-eye coordination.

When you are passing a ball, it could be done in several different ways, such as chest pass, bounce, spin-pass, or over-the-head. This challenges you to think and keep your eyes on the ball so that you can make a calculated move. If you act too fast, you will give away your position, so that requires synchronization as well.

Dribbling is another important main element of basketball, which is somehow connected with stealing. This act requires you to be in full control of your line of vision as well as your hands. Similarly, like passing, if you act too fast, you can give away your move, resulting in a failed strategy.

Lastly, the shooting. While most players prefer using both of their hands to make the big move, a lot of them are more in favor of single-hand shooting.

However, it does not matter what you go for, as long as you get it right. Shooting correctly is largely subject to your intuition between hands and the line of vision.

Final words

Regular practice is the key to improvement in sports. If you are consistent with your routine, you will gradually feel that you are getting better with time. You can always join a sports facility if you feel that you perform better with a mentor.

Southern California has many such places where you can practice and become the best version of yourself.

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