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Vegan Friendly Meal Ideas

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There is no denying that eating less meat is great for the planet and choosing to go vegan is a good option for those wanting to do better for animals and the environment. However, the transition from being a meat eater to veganism can be a difficult transition. We’ve put together 6 great recipe ideas to help inspire your new vegan meals.

Peanuts are a natural source of protein that can help to keep your nutrition levels high and your taste buds happy. We particularly love peanut noodles! You can even add your favourite vegetables such as pepper, mushrooms and more. Plus with this recipe you can make it in just 4 easy steps! 

Going vegan doesn’t mean you have to forget about all the meals you’ve enjoyed in the past – you can simply put a vegan twist on the meals you love! What about Vegan Spaghetti? That’s right, the meal you loved as kid can now be a nutritious, sustainable dish that’s easy to make and delicious. An extra positive of this recipe is that it’s gluten free and allergy free! Check out the recipe now.

Speaking of childhood favourites, what about vegan pizza? You can make the dough from scratch and pick your favourite toppings such as sweetcorn, pepper, and onions! Have a read of the recipe and try it for yourself this week. Check out the vegan options next time you’re shopping, from meat-free pizza toppings to vegan cheese there are plenty of delicious options to choose from.

With vegan cheese options more readily available you can also enjoy meals such as broccoli and ‘cheddar’ soup with jalapenos to give it that little extra kick! This is a great mid-week option as it can be prepared quickly after work or as a easy meal for the weekend when you just can’t be bothered to cook! 

Enjoy mexican flavours? Check out this kale, black bean and avocado burrito bowl! Packed with nutrition and flavour you’ll love all the goodness that’s packed into this meal! If you struggle to eat raw vegetables this is a great way to mix it up as the marinated kale changes the way this veggie tastes. 

Speaking of orinental dishes, we love this Tofu and Summer Vegetables Curry! With just 4 easy steps this is another great mid-week meal that can be ready within just a few minutes. You can continue to add spices to your taste and create a vegetable curry that is both healthy and delicious. Take a look at this easy to make recipe and see if this takes your fancy

We hope you enjoy these meals, now that our mouth is watering we’re off for something to eat! Got other dietary requirements? Let us know and we’ll find some delicious meals that suit your needs.



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