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Week 10 – Play Local 5

Unconventional Sports

Hello you all and welcome to yet another edition of SPORFORYA5!

2020 came with a whole new wave of challenges that no one anticipated in the past years. We were forced to get rid of habits that we never knew could have negative effects. Now, after eight months in this absolute roller coaster of a year, we are moving towards a slight relaxation in the lockdown and are trying to get used to the new world order.

This essentially means that we are all going back to routine life but with a new attitude. Similarly, we should try to get back into our old physical habits but take all necessary precautions. This week we have a round-up of five providers that can help you achieve this goal.

First up, we have something for the kids. Lockdown might have been anxiety-inducing for us adults, but nothing comes close to what our little ones must be going through. Coped up at home all day long with no physical activity is exhausting for both parents and their kids.

Kidzaquatics is one such swimming facility that is providing home lessons for your child. You can either enroll yourself with your bunch of babies or just sign them up for weekly or bi-weekly lessons. They have a bunch of really cool and affordable packages that you can check out here.

With summers at their peak, this would be a fun new activity to learn for your kids and for you to engage over a fun lesson. Who knows, you might come out of the pandemic with a new skill listed in your resume!


Next up, we have The American Youth Soccer Organization from San Diego, who has a very strict policy for dealing with sports after the COVID’19. Since March last year, they have suspended all their operations, but now they are slowly opening up their centers.

According to their safe reopening plan, all students and employees who are showing signs of fever or any other virus are not allowed near or on the premises. Furthermore, they have sanitizers and alcohol swaps available in all fields and thorough cleaning is carried out after each game!

Our next provider, Mercury Events hosts different sports events throughout the year. They have some running events coming up next month. They have a couple of 5km and 15km runs and you can book yourself a slot right now on the website.

They also help put together events for corporates and different schools, so you can contact them for events as well.


Fuze movement is one of its kind dance studios, which gives you the perfect opportunity to express yourself with yoga, dance, and fitness. They have super fun workouts and even more amazing workshops for dance and yoga.Here, you can express your true self without any boundaries. All instructors at the studio are highly trained artists who excel at what they do. Right now, all their centers are closed for business, but they are conducting sessions through zoom. You can sign up for anyone for these fun sessions. Here is their schedule!

We are going to end this week with a fitness center, Optimum condition. The studio is a family-owned business by Melissa Allen, who has a very personal connection with corrective exercise and performance betterment routines. 

Melissa Allen further has many degrees and certificates to further boost her career.

With this, we are going to take a leave this week and hope that you find different ways to stay active and safe during the pandemic. Let us know if you want us to feature your facility in our next edition and what sports you want us to cover next. We love hearing your feedback!

Take care and stay active.

Until next time,

Marium (Team Sporforya)

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