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What makes Sporforya great? – More People, take a look

What makes SPORFORYA great is YOU.   Without you, our sports providers and sports users, our marketplace does not promote local sport and bring people together through sport. 

You are the key ingredient that makes our services valuable to our local sports communities. This is why team SPORFORYA  has made your journey as simple and easy as possible. 

We want you to find our application a delight to use and help you find and book what you are looking for effectively and efficiently.   We have made the onboarding and listing process simple and straightforward to start earning more $ from new Users quickly.   We have also made the find, compare and book process quick and easy, so you can be doing what you love in just a few clicks. 

The customer journey is as simple as it gets!

  • The provider lists their services, whether it is an event, a facility, or a class for all the users. 
  • The listing has all the possible information that a user might need. There are timings, open slots, contact information, fee structure, user testimonials, and an introduction to the provider. All this data makes the entire process pretty much transparent and easy to follow.
  • The user can search for services by location, price, type, and rating. This is essentially helpful because it enables the user to find a closeby provider and has a high rating. 
  • Once the user finds their dream providers, they can filter the one that best fits their needs by going through the reviews, location, timings, and other requirements.
  • The user can also contact the provider from the application and chat with them to get more information. 
  • Once the user is completely satisfied, they can book a slot and make the payment!
  • Lastly, the user can rate the provider’s services, leave some feedback, share their experience, and invite more users.
  • The provider, in the end, earns some more money, and the user gets more choice. A win-win situation for everyone!

We hope you will all join us in making SPORFORYA the most significant sports platform and enabling us to achieve our vision in the years to come. We look forward to welcoming you to the SPORFORYA family. 

Oh, and we have special surprises for our first 100 providers and users. 

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