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Who is a Skill Sharer?


There is a new kid on the block and we might as well get to know who it is. You might be wondering who is a skill sharer and what it would take to be one. In this article, we tackle the characteristics of a skill sharer and how you may be the next one:

A Skill Sharer is Passionate. 

One of the main characteristics of a Skill Sharer is that they are passionate about a sport that they love. They may not be an expert or a coach in any level – but they are eager. They are willing to share what they know and can spend endless days helping others get into the activity that they love. They use this passion to continuously learn about the sport or skill they are interested in and they are always willing to share this fire with others.

A Skill Sharer is Knowledgeable.

Aside from being passionate, a Skill Sharer knows that they need to have ample knowledge to teach the sport/activity of their choice. They have spent enough time learning about the skill they will be sharing with future clients, and they have gathered sufficient techniques to be considered good in the activity or sport they will be teaching. They don’t stop learning about the skill that they love and they regularly practice it too. 

That Skill Sharer Could Be You.

A Skill Sharer’s primary role is sharing something that they love. They get to promote and influence clients to appreciate the activity/skill that they are passionate about. They also contribute to building a community that shares the same interests as them. And above all, a skills sharer earns money by doing something they enjoy, they get to earn without feeling the burden of work stress because they love what they do. If you think you got what it takes, the next Skill Sharer could be you.

If you are a passionate lover of a sport/activity, if you are willing to share your skills and techniques with future clients, and lastly, if you are looking for earning money by doing something you love, send us a message here at Sporforya and we’d be glad to accommodate you. 

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