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Why Children Should Be Involved In Sports

Children should play sports

Every child should play sports from an early age, especially in today’s world filled with technology. It is a great way to keep the child occupied and spend quality time in nature instead of just playing in their tablets all day long. They learn a variety of skills and are able to express themselves in a better way. So just why should children play sports?

5 reasons why children should join sports are:

  • 1) The biggest reason would be to learn to accept defeat. There will also be a winner and a loser in sports. It is crucial that the child learns this at an early age. Losing is a part of life, and the child should be able to take it, learn from it and move on. Losing is nothing to be ashamed of; instead, the child should learn to keep his emotions intact and not get angry or make fun of the other person. This teaches the children to learn and control their feelings and also sportsmanship.
  • 2) The child learns teamwork, coordination and planning. Remember, there is no ‘I’ in sports. It is ‘WE’. Children learn to work together, cope with different situations and bring out the best in one another. Children need to understand the importance of working in a group and sports will teach just that.
  • 3) Every sport has a set of rules which need to be followed. The child has to learn one cannot violate the laws and getaway. Sports also teach dedication, patience and persistence. To win a game requires hours of practice and commitment to achieve the desired result. There are no shortcuts in life, and one has to give his/her 100% to be successful. The child will learn the importance of this by playing sports.
  • 4) Well, of course, sports will help the child to maintain his weight and diet. He/she will have more muscle and less body fat. The child’s bone will also be much stronger. With lower body fat, the child’s heart will also be healthier and lower the risks of various diseases.
  • 5) Last but not least, the child learns to be more social. He/she will be more open to interacting with other people and make more friends. This will give the child a sense of belonging. Children compete against themselves to be the best of the best. They win together, and they lose together. They learn to cope with different situations. Read more about it here.

So, now that you know the importance do not stop your child from going out to play. Instead, encourage them to play sports – can be anything like badminton, football, tennis, ping pong, rugby, squash, etc. It is vital in today’s time that the child get some physical activity.


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