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Why gymnastics?


Do you get that feeling that after sitting for a long time at work, when you stretch your back, you get that tiny “crack” sound? Or that urge to stretch like a cat after sitting so long binge-watching your favorite series?

If you are the kind of person who prioritizes stretching over cardio workouts, gymnastics is the best sport for you. If you just would like to give your body its much craved stretch, you should definitely try gymnastics.
Gymnastics is an art and performance of doing systematic exercises usually with the use of bars, rings, and other equipment. It has its origin from a Greek word which means “to exercise naked” because before, this sport was done by male participants without clothing. This game evolved into wearing comfortable and light clothes and now has six major types—artistic gymnastics for male and female category, trampoline, rhythmic, acrobatics, power tumbling, and aerobics.

Whichever type of gymnastics you would like to pursue; you will still get the benefit of increased flexibility. By doing gymnastics, may it be for recreational or tournaments, you will develop more muscular flexibility which will lessen your chances of having injuries from muscle wear and tear. Aside from that, your leaps and jumps will also greatly improve.
Unfortunately, it would be hard to set-up your own gymnastics center at home. It is not like yoga where you can unroll your yoga mat and follow video tutorials. Doing so in gymnastics will lead to injury. You need to have the proper equipment such as bars and rings. You also need to have a proper trainer and a good spot to train otherwise the results can be disastrous. Here are some of our recommendations on where you can get your gymnastics training.

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics (Culver City, California)

Established in 1975, this is the pioneering school of gymnastics in Los Angeles, California. Its quality of gymnastics education is proven and tested as it has catered to more than 1 million families already. It has a wide array of programs ranging for boys, girls, children, and adults’ gymnastics using its European method of instruction. It is also great for toddlers as they have specialists in early childhood. For onsite classes, you get to enjoy their latest and safest equipment. You can even learn gymnastics at the comfort of your home because they offer virtual classes through zoom

The Klub Gymnastics (Blake Ave. Los Angeles)

If you are looking for gymnastic training which specially caters to children, we recommended The Klub Gymnastics. It is voted as the best gymnastics children’s program in Los Angeles. It offers classes for children as young as one year old through its toddler time program. Several programs are also open for various stages and skill levels to maximize your child’s potential. After all, what greater way to start than to start them young!

Gymnastics Olympica (San Fernando Valley)

From the name itself, Olympica, this gymnastics school has developed several gymnasts who made it through international competitions such as the Olympics and Junior Olympics. Its founder is no other than Fritz Reiter, a coach, and national champion. Gymnastics Olympica offers a program called Tots to children as young as 18 months. It also has several programs tailored for children of varying ages and developmental milestones.

It is better to look for a professional trainer with a good training center rather than attempt to do it yourself. If you find it hard to connect with a trainer, you can visit to book training and session. With Sporforya’s Play Local, you can even browse through current tournaments and games in your chosen locality and sport. Who knows, Sporforya might be your ticket to competing and winning in a gymnastic competition!

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