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What makes those who play sports stand out?

It’s not really just about the sport, isn’t it? It’s about the beer afterwards, it’s about the conversations and moments, it’s about the dressing room banter and pranks, it’s about that feeling when you end a season with your mates over a pizza.

If you crave for this, Join “The Sporty Club” and maximize social time with your playmates/classmates with a variety of activities and events!

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Fit as a fiddle, pretty as a swan with Barre

Just like ballet, there is a public impression that barre is more of a women’s workout, most likely due to the slow movements and grace. But the truth is, barre does not practice gender discrimination. All genders and sizes are welcome to practice barre.

Our Job at Play Local

Promoting the local people and businesses who provide our communities with sports and activities.


How to Stick to Your Fitness Training

While some might say that starting your fitness journey means that the hard part’s over, it is also good to consider that sticking to a routine may be equally or even more challenging. Here are some ways to stick to your fitness routine to achieve that healthy body!

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Make money doing the activities you love.

Why PASS-SPORT is the next big thing...

Pass-Sport is also more than just guiding you to places and activities. Pass Sport may be what you need to discover the sports activities that you might be passionate about, or it may be the avenue you’ve been waiting for to get back to those hobbies of yours.

The world of sports is out there waiting for you. It is ready to welcome you and welcome you back. With Pass-Sport, this is possible. With Pass-Sport, you have access to the world of sports, whenever and wherever you are.

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Health Wellness + Wellbeing

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Mental wellbeing can be difficult to manage and when you’ve got work, kids, housework, cooking and a social life to manage it can be difficult to keep your zen under control. However, finding time to exercise will bring your mind and body countless results.

Feeling positive, accomplished, and relaxed at the end of a good workout.

The way we see ourselves is important to mental health.

Physical activity helps up to fall asleep faster and deepens your sleep.

What makes SPORFORYA great? - More People, take a look.

What makes SPORFORYA great is YOU. Without you, our sports providers and sports users, our marketplace does not promote local sport and bring people together through sport.

We hope you will all join us in making SPORFORYA the most significant sports platform and enabling us to achieve our vision in the years to come. We look forward to welcoming you to the SPORFORYA family.

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