12 Hours of Play Local

Marathon Premiere

12 Hours of Play Local

Marathon Premiere

Hi, Dicky and Jonny here from Sporforya. We are hoping that you will please support our Marathon event in aid of Athletes with disabilities.

What is it -

The “12 Hours of Play Local” is a unique Marathon style event, which requires the participants (“Players”) in the Marathon to participate in as many local sports as possible along the way.

There are 15-20 stages throughout the course of the Marathon, each stage is hosted by one of our partner local sports Providers.

Players must run or cycle to each stage, upon arrival they will participate in a game, class or lesson organized by the local sport Provider hosting the stage.

The Marathon is a 1 day event, starting at 8am and ending at 8pm, giving Players 12 hours to complete as many stages as possible.

Who are the Players -

As this is our Premiere event, the first of its kind, and in the interests of safety, there are only two Players in the Event – Dicky and Jonny, who are part of the Leadership Team at Sporforya. If all goes to plan, we will hold another Marathon in the winter, and open it up to others to participate.

Why are we doing this -

We are trying to make it easier for everyone to get into local sport, and in particular, Athletes with disabilities. So, we thought this would be an effective and efficient way to raise money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, and promote local sports Providers at the same time!

Where and When -

The premiere of our marathon will be held in the San Diego, on Saturday 31 July 2021. See the Marathon Course. On the day, you can follow the marathon live on our social media channels.

The Goal -

To raise $20,000 for the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

To raise $2,000 to cover the costs and expenses incurred by our Partners, who are providing the local sports at each stage of the Marathon.

How to Donate -

Go to:

The Challenged Athletes Foundation website


Our Social Media Channels

Facebook: facebook.com/sporforya
Instagram: instagram.com/sporforya
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/sporforya
Twitter: twitter.com/sporforya

How to Sponsor -

Contact us to discuss a sponsorship package. support@sporforya.com

The Organizers

Meet the people who are organizing the Marathon

Contact us for more information and with questions: dd@sporforya.com

You can view or download our promotional flier here.

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The Marathon has been postponed due to local public health and safety concerns, we apologize for any inconvenience