Welcome to Play Local By Sporforya

Connecting people to local sports in their community.

What is Play Local?

An initiative driven by Sporforya to promote the local sports businesses in our communities, and encourage people to get involved in local sports activities.

Our Belief

That regular participation in sports activities contributes towards a lifestyle of better health and well-being.

This makes our local sports providers a key component of our community, by playing a critical role in helping us stay active and healthy.

Your part

Support the sports providers in your community by getting involved in community sports and being part of a Play Local Team. Play Local Teams are people who connect on and off line, to take part in sports and activities together, share experiences, and also encourage others to Play Local.

Our goal

To help support and develop community sports, to create environments where people can enjoy Playing Local, learning local, and be safe.

Play Local is here to cultivate the sporting landscape, by making it easier for people to get involved in sports activities, and help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

Find and join a Play Local
Team in your community

Visit our Social Media channels to find and join a
group or community near you.

Create a Play Local Team

If you want to start a new Play Local Team in your
community, contact us so we can set this up for you.