Are you SPORTY?

You are on the Sporforya website, so you must be a little
Sporty, which means you should join the SPORTY CLUB
for free.

Joining the Sporty Club is quick and easy…

Just your name and contact info and it’s done!

You can either

Sign up for via our Pre-Launch MVP (limited to the first 100), you will automatically become a Sporty Club member, AND you will get $10 free money to spend towards your first booking on Sporforya. OR Sign up on the Sporforya App, and you will automatically become a Sporty Club member, which means you will be eligible to start collecting free Sporty Points for every booking you make on Sporforya

The SPORTY CLUB is also
about the social part of
sports and activities. Examples…

We know you do some cool and fun
stuff, so please tell us about it

Join The SPORTY CLUB to share what you get up to outside of the game,
and see what FAB FUN  things others are doing too.

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